Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How I Imagine Daily Life of Yugioh's Developer

1. Gemini Monster.

Game Designer: Hi dev, you still remember those normal monster?

Dev: yeah, sure

Game Designer: I'd like to add a few of them.

Dev: Ok, doesn't need lot of code.

Game Designer: Here's the tweak.. It is first treated as normal summon, and then when it is on the field you can normal summon it again to make it an effect monster. Off course, when it dies, it's a normal monster again.

Dev: Wat...

Conclusion: Yeah, let's make an effect monster with an effect that treated as normal monster and can be summoned twice.

2. XYZ Summon

Game Designer: We need new summon mechanic

Dev: OK.

Game Designer: let's call it XYZ summon so the XYZ monster, should first be in the extra deck.

Dev: Ok.

Game Designer: well, you can summon it similar to synchro and fusion, except when it is summoned, you put the materials below it.

Dev: That's a pain.

Game Designer: Oh and monster that become material doesn't treated as leaving the field by the way, just call it they are in limbo space.

Dev: ...

Game Designer: And when the material is sent to graveyard, they are not considered to be sent from field as well.

Dev: ...

3. Pendulum Summon.

Game Designer: Let's make a monster that could be treated as spell card as well!

Dev: Watever.

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