Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Madoka Rainmeter

Hello there,I was wondering what would be my 1st post on this blog, and apparently today out of nowhere I was inspired to create a rainmeter, and so here it is:
Photobucket Rainmeter name: Madoka Rainmeter

File Size: 192 KB

Color Theme: Pink
I was actually planning to use an Image of Ultimate Madoka, but unfortunately I can't find any rendered image from Danbooru.
Well, I guess, this might seem noobish compared to http://randomnessthing.com/rainmeter/ since It's what inspired me, and I haven't known much stuff that could be done by rainmeter like playing music.
Though, it seems updating a rainmeter looks pretty simple(if there's an image ready to use), so yeah I might update this in near day.
tl;dr here's the download link: ^^
Download Here

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